LASER – Laminar Airflow in Severe Asthma for Exacerbation Reduction

LASER is a multi centre randomised controlled trial to assess the use of a Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA) device to reduce asthma exacerbation in severe allergic asthma. 

 TLA is an evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical treatment for atopic asthma. The treatment is non-invasive and has an excellent safety record. TLA treatment works by stopping body convection and creating an area of essentially allergen free air in the patient’s breathing zone overnight. TLA treatment drastically reduces the level of allergens inhaled during night-time sleep and gives the asthmatic patient’s hyperactive immune system long and regular periods of essential recovery. TLA treatment is delivered by a device called an Airsonett® device.

For more information visit the LASER trial website

Collaboration between the severe asthma teams

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The Wessex Asthma Network in a collaboration between the severe asthma teams at University Hospitals Southampton and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The aim of the Wessex Asthma Network is to improve care for patients with severe asthma in Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. By forming the Wessex Asthma Network expertise can be shared more easily and the teams can work together on news projects and research in asthma.

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