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The Wessex Asthma Network holds four education meetings annually. Below is a list of recent talks from members of the Network and outside experts. Links to the slide sets are listed below where available. Please do not re-use any of this material without permission as it is the property of the relevant speakers.

If you have suggestions for a talk that you would like to hear at a future meeting then please contact us


October 2017 meeting

Dr Thomas Jones, PHT – Wessex Severe Asthma Cohort results – PDF

Mr Marcus Pullen, Blue Donut Studios – Asthma education videos

Dr Paddy Dennison, UHS – Smart inhalers – PDF

Prof Rob Horne, UCL – Adherence in asthma

Drs Laura Flower and Helen Aiston, UHS – Symptoms that medicine can’t explain – PDF


June 2017 meeting

Dr Kathryn Bannell, Petersfield & Dr Paddy Dennison, UHS – Asthma guidelines; BTS vs NICE – PDF

Ms Amanda MacNally, Vine Group – Management of Asthma in Primary Care

Dr Hitasha Rupani, PHT – Asthma COPD Overlap (Syndrome) – PDF

Dr Andy Powell, WHCCG – West Hants Inhaler guidelines – PDF


March 2017 meeting

Dr Andy Powell, WHCCG – Progress, Paediatrics and Protocols – PDF

Dr Ben Ainsworth, UHS – Psychological Dysfunction in Asthma – PDF

Dr Hitasha Rupani, PHT – Anti-IL5 Treatments for Eosinophilic Asthma

Prof Mike Thomas – Primary care asthma research in Wessex

January 2017 meeting

Prof Graham Roberts – Transitional Asthma Care- How Can We Do it Better?

Dr Anindo Banerjee – CPET in the Asthma Clinic – a Useful tool?

Yvette Thirlwall – Bringing Research into the Asthma Clinic – The WATCH Study

Teresa Warr – Specialist Commissioning in Severe Asthma

Prof Peter Howarth – What You Need to Know About FeNO

Prof Ratko Djukanovic – The Practical Approach to Treating Chronic Cough – PDF

October 2016 meeting

Dr Hitasha Rupani, PHT – Development of a Complex Breathlessness Service

David Supple – PPI involvement in asthma

Dr Kamran Tariq – Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease in Asthma

Nikco Hau – Wessex Asthma Network model report

July 2016 meeting

Prof Anoop Chauhan – Air pollution and Asthma

Prof Peter Howarth – Airway Microbiome in Asthma

Dr Jaymin Morjaria – Smoking Cessation

Dr Akul Sinhania – Gene expression in severe asthma

April 2016 meeting

Dr James Hull – Complex Breathing

Dr Simon Bourne – Self-Management platforms and myAsthma

Sally-Ann Denton – Salicylates and Sulphites in asthma

Collaboration between the severe asthma teams

About 'Wessex Asthma Network'

The Wessex Asthma Network in a collaboration between the severe asthma teams at University Hospitals Southampton and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The aim of the Wessex Asthma Network is to improve care for patients with severe asthma in Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. By forming the Wessex Asthma Network expertise can be shared more easily and the teams can work together on news projects and research in asthma.

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