Asthma is a complex disease, both from a doctor’s and a sufferer’s point of view. One of the main aims of the Wessex Asthma Network is to keep healthcare professionals and patients up to date with the newest information regarding asthma in our region.

We are currently building our library of educational resources. We are working on:

Educational meetings

Inhaler technique videos

If there are further resources you would like to see then please get in touch.

Collaboration between the severe asthma teams

About 'Wessex Asthma Network'

The Wessex Asthma Network in a collaboration between the severe asthma teams at University Hospitals Southampton and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The aim of the Wessex Asthma Network is to improve care for patients with severe asthma in Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. By forming the Wessex Asthma Network expertise can be shared more easily and the teams can work together on news projects and research in asthma.

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